PerfectCompress is a compression software that enables you to compress files to ZIP, 7z, PAQ, ZPAQ, UCA, and more...

PerfectCompress offers and extraordinary feature that enables its users to compress files directly to Rewritable DVD Media on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Can compress to ZIP, 7z, PAQ, ZPAQ, RZM, UCA and More
-Can extract files in ZIP, 7z, PAQ*, ZPAQ, RZM, UCA And More
-Simple to use interface
-Program options to adjust features like "Last used folder"
-Compress files directly to DVD-RAM/-RW/+RW using Store-On-Disc
-Logging system for Store-On-Disc feature

*Can only extract PAQ8PX version 42 and on..

Available in the Downloads section. 

Software requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Windows 8 (Store-On-Disc feature only compatible on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Not tested in Windows 8)
-Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
-NOTE: all software components are included in the archive.

PerfectCompress v4 intro video:

PerfectCompress v4 full features video:

PerfectCompress v7 (in development) - 7z extraction demonstration